My steps, my story, my life...

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Ethan S. Clark

Date d'inscription : 22/04/2015
Age : 20
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Localisation : Dans la forêt, ou en train de parcourir le Labyrinthe.

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My steps, my story, my life...  Empty
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Ethan S. Clark

Se souvenir, survivre...



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 I've never been strong ; my only weapons are tears. - ft. Isaac Welligton
Don't let it get to you. - ft. Kalis Antoy

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  Are you okay? - ft. Kalis Antoy
 I hate panic attack. It's really really bad. - ft. Isaac Welligton
 Is it normal that you stay in my mind? - ft. Isaac Welligton
 Distrust is the mother of safety. - ft. Nyrah L. Rainbow
 Gravitation is not responsible for people falling in love. - ft. Isaac Welligton
 A day in the Maze - ft. Isaac Welligton
 The ugly duckling - ft. Isaac Welligton & Autumn Wild
 Pain is something that you never forget. - ft. Isaac Welligton & Andy Walker
When dreams become true and desire becomes real. - ft. Isaac Welligton

Rps abandonnés

    Who said steal is bad? - ft. Allya Moore
 It's always good to find his family. - ft. Charlie O'Brien
 There are instincts for all the meetings of the life. - ft. Victor Newton
 Did you spy on me? - ft. Lily K. Nemeth
 Because I don't trust you. - ft. D. Juliet Brown
 An idiot that makes me laugh. - ft. Neil Amell
 Dreams or nightmares? No ideas... - ft. Isaac Welligton
 Where's your sample? - ft. Maky K. Giorgious & Isaac Welligton

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  Zuiichi - Never-Utopia


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EthanThere are only shadows around me.

By Isaac d'amour ♥:
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My steps, my story, my life...

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